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First Meeting

(Altamura, 13 to 17 November 2010)

In November 2010 there was the first meeting of TV teen project. The meeting took place in Altamura from 13th to 17th. On the first day, Saturday, Italian students welcomed the foreign students from Belgium and Germany and teachers from Greece, France, Belgium, Germany, Gran Britain , Poland, Spain and Iceland. Our guests introduced their schools during the meeting and visited our school. On the second day, we visited Castel del Monte and Trani all together. On Monday 15th, in the morning, the foreign students participated in an Italian lesson, while in the afternoon we visited the historic centre and the cathedral of our town. On Tuesday we went to Sassi in Matera and after that we did shopping in the city centre. On Wednesday all the guests left. It was difficult for us to get back to the ordinary life, because we had made friends with our guests, so we cried a lot when they departed.

Report from Spain

(Las Palmas, 3 to 7 May 2011)

In May 2011 there was the third meeting  of TV TEEN project. The meeting took place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria from 3rd to 7th. On the first day, Tuesday, we arrived in Las Palmas where we had dinner with all the guests and Spanish teachers and students at the hotel. On the second day, we visited the Spanish school and all the guests introduced their schools during a meeting. After that we had a workshop about Canarian food and had a welcome lunch. In the afternoon we visited the old quarter Vegueta-Triana and went to Las Canteras Beach where students surfed on the ocean waves. On the third day all the guests attended a lecture about the history and customs of the Canary Islands. After a visit to Guayadeqe and a packed lunch, we went to Maspalomas Dunes where we enjoyed ourselves a lot. On the 6th of May all students involved in the project shot some nice videos related to nationalities and at the end we all wrote “Comenius” on the beach using our bodies. At 11.00 we left for Roque Nublo (a mountainous zone) and then we had lunch in a typical ancient restaurant. In the afternoon we went to Teror and Arucas and, after a goodbye dinner in a Lebanese restaurant, we greeted each other and on the fifth day we got ready to leave very early in the morning.

Report from Poland

(Włocławek, 4 to 9 October 2011)

Many thanks to “Teen TV” a Comenius project organized and coordinated by our school. It was  given the change to students, from different European countries, to have a new experience and to know different cultures. Margherita, Michelangelo, Valentina, Lucia, Francesco e Pasquale are students of ITC  “Genco” who made this wonderful experience.

All started on 4th October 2011- the flight from Bari was ready at 7 o’clock and the aircraft took off in time. During the flight we wonder about the place which was so far from our  town and about polish students and host families. When we arrived in Wloclawek we knew them and all our curiosity disappeared. At first it was strange to get ourselves in a car with unknown people but often a few hours we gained confidence and we were friends! During the week in the morning Polish Teachers organised guided tours in famous town like Torun, Copernicus, Ciechocinek and the visit to Ethnographical Museum and we participated in workshops in Polish School. The evening  was the most exciting part of day because we were with our peers and it was very funny going around and talking with them. Unfortunately days passed quickly and departure day arrived; we greeted our Polish friends and crying we thanked them for their hospitality and kindness. We invited all students and teacher of other European countries to the next meeting in Italy. We hope to meet again our Polish friends and we are ready to host them with the same helpfulness.

Report from Belgium

(Geel, 5 to 10 March 2012)

On 6th March we arrived at Geel and we met our host families. Next morning Geel’s headmaster presented the school that we visited later in small groups. In the afternoon students were divided into two groups: the first one worked at school editing videos, the other one went to Geel to take pictures. The pictures became a starting point together with five words to build up a funny story. On 8th March we attended classes with our host students where we met their friends and their teachers. We were interested in their lessons because they were a bit different from our lessons. In the afternoon we went ice skiing and we had great fun, even if we fell down several times. On 9th March we visited Antwerp and we had good time there. On 10th March we came back home very sad because we had left our Belgium friends.