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What is TeenTV about?

Instituto Tecnico Commerciale Statale "F. M. Genco" in Altamura of Puglia in Italy proposed the creation of an internet TV by the students within the framework of Lifelong Learning Programme Comenius called “teenTV” in the year 2010.

Nine schools responded and joined the project:

1. Instituto de Educacion Secundaria "El Rincon" in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria in Spain.
General secondary school. 

2. Fjölbrautaskóli Snæfellinga in Grundarfjordur of Iceland.
General secondary school

3. Gymnasio Aliveriou in Aliveri on the island of Euboea in Greece.
General secondary school

4. Collège le Tertre in Remiremont in France.
General secondary school

5. III Liceum Ogólnokształcące Im. Marii Konopnickiej We Włocławku in Wloclawek in Poland.
General secondary school

6. Kogeka 2 in Geel in Belgium
Vocational or technical secondary school

7. South Eastern Regional College (Newcastle Campus) in Newcastle of Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.
Vocational or technical secondary school

8. Heimschule Lender in Sasbach of Baden-Württemberg in Germany.
General secondary school

  • These nine schools situated in countries which span from 23° W to 23° E and 64° N to 28° N and speaking a different language each, are challenged to produce their own “images” “films” on common themes, using English as common language.
  • Different realities of each country, different mentalities, will be expressed and projected on the products which will be the means of contacting and understanding cultures which seem “foreign”. Simultaneously though, the opportunity will be given to “see” common and shared realities and learn how to take these into account in joined efforts like this project.
  • Some schools are absolute beginners in media techniques and others feel confident in these activities.The different degrees of experience in media techniques of each school will instigate further collaboration among schools during the programmed visits and promote team work, not only among school mates, but among different nationality students. Through common work deeper bonds of esteem and conviviality are being created which is the base for respect of the other.

Lastly, the project has the ambition to offer enjoyment to its participants as every sincere and genuine effort does.