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Hello and welcome to TeenTV.

TeenTV is a Comenius-project sponsored by the EU to further
the cooperation between schools on an international level.

TeenTV is a cooperation-project of nine schools from all over Europe and is all about filming:
Planning, recording, cutting and finalizing a video.

The project's documentations can be found here,
and the italian website can be found here.

The lastly added video is:
Workshop in Poland

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1 | Note » Survey for participating students

Dear students,

as the project comes to an end it would be very helpful if you could fill a survey about how you saw the project.
It's a two-part survey and we'd like to kindly ask any of you to fill it:
Survey Part 1
Survey Part 2

To everyone else:
Even if you're not a participating student, your feedback is valuable for us and we'd like to hear your comments here.

Thanks for participating!

Geschrieben von Sebastian Sester am 06.04.2012 16:11 Uhr 

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